Ashanti Outfits 2000s Y2K Inspirations

ashanti outfits 2000s


As the originator of Y2K outfits, Ashanti has led Y2K fashion for almost twenty years. You can directly look at her looks in the 2000s and learn from the fashionable outfits that traveled through time. I guarantee that you can get inspiration from Ashanti outfits 2000s!


Crop tops and low-rise jeans

The classic Y2K look, Ashanti style directly shows us the casual style that is most in line with 2000s fashion. The point is to expose the lower abdomen, and the hem of low-waisted jeans and short T can show off the curve of the waist.

For jeans, you can choose a style with slightly flared legs, paired with a slit design and flared legs that are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, which can intuitively show the effect of lengthening your legs. And bell bottoms have always had a retro flavor.

ashanti outfits 2000s Crop tops and low-rise jeans

Cutout dress

At the 2002 Grammy Awards, Ashanti wore a blue cutout dress. The blue silk cutout dress was beautiful and attractive, without being conventional at all. Sometimes the display of femininity is more charming when it is revealed inadvertently through clothing.

Cutout Dress’s hollow skirts have become popular since the 2020 Spring and Summer Fashion Week. The most popular reason among girls is the hollow design of the waist and ribs. In addition to increasing fashion and sexiness, it also has the advantage of modifying the waist and body lines. In addition If you want to show a fair complexion, nude color will definitely achieve the most perfect interpretation.

Today’s Cutout Dress has a variety of cutout forms, and you can choose any style you like to highlight your personal body curves.

Cutout dress ashanti outfits 2000s Crop tops and low-rise jeans

Leopard print one-shoulder dress

At the 2002 Soul Train Music Awards, Ashanti wore a leopard print one-shoulder dress. Her one-shoulder dress is actually a cutout dress, which highlights the waist curve.

Leopard print is a very recognizable design element that is both very sexy and mature. Today, leopard print is already a relatively retro design element, and it can easily look old-fashioned and tacky if not worn well. When choosing, you can choose a tight-fitting style like what Ashanti wore in 2000s to outline your body curves. The wavy leopard print skirt can make you look young and stable.

Here I also recommend you to choose a red leopard print dress, which can look retro and noble.

outfits ashanti 2000s Leopard print one-shoulder dress

Beaded dress

At 2002, VMAS, Ashanti wore a beaded dress with a thigh-high slit.

In our previous article 12 Fantastic Y2K Accessories Ideas, I mentioned the popularity of colorful beaded bracelet/necklace/ring.

Ashanti’s beaded dress has the gorgeousness of beading all over and the sexiness of a thigh-high slit that exposes the skin. Remember to pair it with a sparkling necklace, earrings, and silver strappy sandals. The necklace and earrings must be eye-catching.

Beaded dress ashanti 2000s fashion

Pink cutout mini dress

2003 VMAS, She chose a pink cutout mini dress. Cutout dress again, cutout dress is very suitable for wearing to some more formal occasions, especially those occasions where you want to wear a dress but want to highlight some of your personal characteristics. But be sure to check the dress code on the day of the event. For example, if you go to a wedding, don’t be the only one who dresses too formally or stands out.

Our previous article Mini Skirt 2000s: Y2K Fashion Trends For 2023 also talked about the Mini Skirt of the 2000s. If you are interested in more Y2K mini dresses, you can go and take a look.

Pink cutout mini dress ashanti 2000s

Gold halter gown

Ashanti wore a gold halter gown at 2004 MET GALA. I don’t know if you noticed, but the colors Ashanti chose in 2000s fashion are also very consistent with the Y2K trend, with a lot of pink, bright silver, and the silk gold we are talking about now.

The smooth satin material has a stable and mature temperament, reflecting the curves of the human body, and the fluttering skirt creates a charming figure. The fabric has a soft and beautiful luster, showing a gorgeous and charming temperament, creating a charming style that is particularly eye-catching. For this look, casual and loose curls or updos are the best match. And the halter design can highlight the beautiful shoulder lines and make the body proportions more perfect.

gold halter gown ashanti 2000s fashion

Sequined mini dress

Ashanti outfits One of the classic mini dresses of the 2000s, the sequined mini dress of the 2007 VMAs. Sequins are also one of the important fashion elements of Y2K, similar to beads.

Silver sequins are the least likely color to go wrong. Other colors can easily look rustic. The metallic and futuristic feel of silver can not only reflect Y2K aesthetics and fashion, but also have a lively and lively feel to retro disco.

It can be paired with an oversized sweatshirt, which is trendy and has tight tops and bottoms, making it youthful yet stable.

Wear a simple and attractive dress like Ashanti, just like the previous beaded dress, choose bold and eye-catching earrings, bracelets and high heels of the same color to create small details in the whole body. A high-end beauty.

Sequined mini dress ashanti early 2000s

Bright neon pink jumpsuit

Well, this Ashanti look is actually from 2022, but looking at the bright neon pink and transparent elements, you can’t deny that this is also Y2K style!

Neon colors, bright and highly saturated colors are also the background colors of the Y2K era, full of vitality, vitality and hope. Ashanti wore this neon pink Mugler jumpsuit, styled with slender clear heels that were artfully shaped and outlined with tulle and lycra panels.

Bright neon pink jumpsuit ashanti style

Matching headscarf

The accessories of Ashanti outfits 2000s are also very outstanding. In addition to the matching jewelry and high heels I mentioned above, there is also the use of bandana that is worth mentioning here: decorated on one shoulder of the suspender to create a sense of layering on the upper body. At the same time, the bandana pattern is highlighted.

If you are interested in more Y2K bandana, you can read our previous article: Versatile Bandana 2000s: Fashion Y2K Outfits.

ashanti looks 2000s


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