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Versatile Bandana 2000s: Fashion Y2K Outfits


Y2K has now become synonymous with retro “sub-fashion”. Because of its bold and distinctive street fashion sense, it is deeply loved by hot girls. OK! In addition to the Y2K outfits and makeup that have dominated the screen, Y2K-style hairstyles have been played with in various ways, making hot girls unable to stop.

Although I didn’t mention bandana 2000s in this article 12 Fantastic Y2K Accessories Ideas, one of the most outstanding items in y2k hair design is the headscarf!

y2k bandana hairstyles

Bandana 2000s on shows

Head scarves and hair accessories are not a new thing. Many fashionistas will use silk scarves to tie their hair. Before, CHANEL started a craze for French girls’ hair styles of tying silk scarves into ponytails. Now that the Y2K trend is prevalent, silk scarves are used as headscarves. The craze for headscarves and hair accessories has become a new generation. In fact, major brands such as Dior and JW Anderson have already predicted the popularity of headscarves.

Dior 2020 Fall-Winter

The Christian Dior 2020 autumn and winter show opened in Paris. The show was decorated with a series of neon lights with slogan-like phrases that had a strong declarative meaning. Presbyopia and printed headscarves highlight the independent character of modern women; plaid elements composed of soft colors such as milk coffee, light green, and warm gray are endowed with more creativity on the basis of continuing the classics, and are elegant without losing the girlish frankness.

The ready-to-wear series is inspired by the diary of creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s girlhood. She reinterpreted those emotional scenes with a free and easy approach. Therefore, the use of headscarf is also very suitable, with a retro and cute feeling for girls.

dior-autumn-winter-2020 2000s bandana outfit

JW Anderson 2019 Spring- Summer

In this series, J.W.Anderson has temporarily abandoned gender-neutral creations. It uses delicate yellow, pink, blue and other light tones to interpret an elegant feminine atmosphere, and combines elements such as classic plaids and stripes to create visual asymmetry. The effect brings out the essence of Bohemia to the extreme, sometimes lazy, sometimes neat, perfectly interpreting the carefree spring and summer of uptown girls.

2000s bandana JW Anderson 2019 Spring- Summer


Celebrities bandana 2000s styles

Among the many Y2K fashion items, headscarves and hair accessories can be said to be both trendy and retro. Celebrities have taken the lead in wearing bandanas and showing off their retro bandana hairstyles. BLACKPINK Lisa, SNSD’s Taeyeon, Bella Hadid, Kayan9896, COLLAR member Marf, etc. all performed the bandana look.

Different feelings but the same fashion. Friends who want to try hijab hairstyles, you may wish to refer to the dressing rules of celebrities and become a Y2K retro girl this summer!

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has always insisted on the fashion and aesthetics of the 90s and 00s, and wears her own avant-garde style. She often integrates trendy elements from different eras such as functional, gothic, and Y2K into Bella Style.

Recently, the retro hottie Bella also plays with the Y2Kbandana hairstyle in various ways. When she goes on vacation, she wears a brown headscarf and double braids, and wears sunglasses of the same color as the headscarf. She plays with the sexy and casual retro style clearly.

When pairing this kind of long straight hair with a headscarf, you can follow Bella’s example of pairing it with large metallic earrings and necklaces, which is neat but special.

Bella Hadid 2000s bandana outfit

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s new album poster also adopts a vaguely retro Y2K style, with a bright bandana, tight top and bell-bottom pants that are retro and mysterious. Here we can also see two ways of using bandana. The first is to tie it on the head like above, and the second is to tie it around the neck like Dua Lipa. In addition, the bandana can actually be tied to the upper body and worn as a tube top.

Dua Lipa 2000s bandana look men

In addition, bandana 2000s printed headscarves have become a good idea for supermarket shopping (Dua Lipa perfect example) or quick styling fixes 5 minutes before a Zoom video meeting.

Dua Lipa 2000s bandana look men


Y2K girl low-waist styling demonstration. Low-waisted jeans are one of the best items of y2k outfits. As we all know, the classic look of y2k is baby tshirt + low-waisted jeans! Y2K girls’ favorite low-waisted outfit. Adding a small suspender belt can make you look cool and sweet. Paired with a bandana, it is suitable for both short and long hair. Just wear this look when going to a music festival! Denim bandana and denim outfits are really the perfect y2k style.

COLLAR- Marf 2000s bandana look


Almost American college street style demonstration. After pairing an oversized jacket with high-top shoes and a headscarf, you will immediately become a street photographer with a college-style outfit that is both European and American and can be very handsome.

Kayan9896 2000s bandana look

Chen Lei

Hong Kong female star Chen Lei’s Quiet Luxury gray and white jumpsuit looks really attractive. In recent years, Chen Lei often wears simple and elegant white dresses, exuding endless fairy spirit.

She showed us that bandana can also be used to match elegant and elegant Quiet Luxury outfits. With unified color clothing and a bandana of the same color, simple hair accessories can enhance the fashion quality of the look.

Speaking of Chen Lei’s iconic outfits, the retro-style half-length skirt is definitely one of them! Chen Lei has always loved retro ethnic styles, and her favorite is calf-length or ankle-length half-length dresses. Ethnic prints, Baijia patchwork, and denim styles are also her favorites. Knitted bandana shows the charm of bandana made of different materials!

Chen Lei Taeyeon bandana 2000s

Girls’ Generation – Taeyeon

Famous K-pop star Taeyeon, the sweet pink blonde style model.

Taeyeon’s tender and spicy look in the “Weekend” MV is very eye-catching. The pink headscarf and blond bangs show everyone the essence of Y2K hairstyle, and it has been imitated crazily by Millennial girls.

Taeyeon bandana 2000s

Taeyeon’s pink Juicy Couture sportswear look is quite “Paris Hilton”, evoking the celebrity tracksuits craze that was popular in the 2000s. Paired with a headscarf and waist chain accessories, it is a complete demonstration of the luxurious Y2K style.

Taeyeon bandana 2000s



After experiencing the fashionable use of bandana 2000s on shows and celebrities, I believe everyone can learn the essence of y2k bandana matching. Of course, if that doesn’t work, you can just wear it directly. Fashion is learned by wearing it.

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