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y2k accessories


Although the previous articles have more or less mentioned the matching of y2k accessories, I have not written an article completely about y2k accessories, so today we will talk about y2k accessories. I hope you can get your own y2k ideas here!


Y2K Butterfly

If there was one logo to represent the y2k style, it would have to be the butterfly.

The butterfly is Y2K’s iconic pattern. At Milan Fashion Week, a large number of butterfly patterns appeared in the Blumarine 2022 spring and summer series.

In 1997, Mariah Carey released her sixth album “Butterfly”. In order to match this album, she put on a butterfly camisole, which made her famous, and the butterfly has become a classic element of Y2K.

Y2K Butterfly Blumarine 2022

Applying this to accessories, we have more choices:

Butterfly hair clips are obviously the first thing that comes to mind. You can use a large silver butterfly clip to hold your hair up in a bun, or wear your hair down and use many small plastic colorful butterfly clips to embellish your hair.

There are also butterfly belts, butterfly bags, butterfly necklaces, and even butterfly glasses! In fact, butterflies and fashion are so compatible that there is nothing that the butterfly element cannot bear!

Y2K Butterfly hair clip


Y2K heart elements

The heart element is also one of the essential y2k iconic elements. When you think of the 2000s, pink hearts with hazy edges seem to come to mind.

Heart is also an element with a high degree of freedom and can be used in various categories.

A huge heart can appear directly as an object shape, such as a heart-shaped bag, or heart-shaped sunglasses, or a necklace with a large heart pendant.

The details of a few small hearts are also irresistible, such as a bracelet composed of many small hearts, a hairpin decorated in the shape of a small heart, or even a small love sticker on a mobile phone case, which will become an eye-catcher once you notice it. Cute little details that won’t take your eyes away!

Y2K heart elements y2k pendants


Y2K hairpin

Hairpins are an essential Y2K fashion accessory. Everyone must pay attention to using them to get twice the result with half the effort!


Y2K star hairpin

A while ago, my friend was going to be a bridesmaid, when choosing a headdress, she chose this kind of star hairpin. It’s not too ostentatious, but cute and attractive enough. It goes well with almost all gauze skirts, jeans, hot pants, you name it.

It is also suitable for any hairstyle. Short hair will look cool, while long hair will look gentle and cute, yet playful.

There are roughly two types of star hairpins, one is a single hollow star, and the other is a long hairpin with a row of small stars. Generally speaking, the former is more suitable for the finishing touch of short hair, and the latter is more suitable for the gentleness of long hair. Both brightly colored ones and solid metallic ones look great.

Y2K star hairpin Y2K hairpin


Plastic colorful flower hairpins

Dopamine colors, bright colors, and plastic texture. If the clothes you wear are colorful, then plastic colorful flower hairpins are your best choice!

You can choose clothes based on the color of the colorful hairpins, or vice versa. In fact, I can’t think of any clothes that are not suitable for colorful hairpins… Are there any?

Plastic colorful flower hairpins y2k hairpins


Colorful checkerboard hairpin

Checkerboard has become popular in recent years. Originally, it was all black and white (in fact, black and white is also very beautiful), but our y2k style focuses on colorful, and colorful checkerboard is a better choice.

If you choose a solid-color top, you can wear two colorful checkerboard hairpins, because the staggered colors of the checkerboard can add some richness.

Colorful checkerboard hairpin y2k hair clip


Colorful beaded bracelet/necklace/ring

Colorful beads! It has the cuteness of plastic and the liveliness of colorful colors!

The popularity of beads in recent years has greatly facilitated our DIY. You can really find any elements you like, and they will look great even if they are put together casually! What’s more, this is a unique and exclusive accessory for you!

The elements mentioned above, butterflies, flowers, and hearts, can all be realized in beads! Make bracelets, necklaces, rings, whatever you can’t think of, there’s nothing you can’t do!

Whether it is candy color, light color, wide version, narrow version or inlaid with gems, it has a unique flavor. Beaded products will become the highlight of your entire outfit, which is both childlike and retro-flavored, perfect Adapt to our Year 2000 fashion!

Colorful beaded y2k accessories


Colored sunglasses

The essence of Y2K style is a sense of technology and the future, and rimless sunglasses can make you look like you stepped out of a science fiction movie, so they are naturally the best choice for interpreting Y2K style. I have seen too many cool black sunglasses, and the colored lenses look particularly interesting.

The key point of Y2K style colored sunglasses is: the frame. Colored sunglasses with wide frames make your face look smaller. Frameless colored sunglasses have a stronger sense of technology. Choose as you like!

Colored sunglasses y2k sunglasses


Y2K pants chain

In other words, it is a waist chain. Of course, the waist chain is hung directly on the waist (also gorgeous), which is a more direct sexiness, while the trouser chain is a kind of implicit sexiness. The focus is on the modification of the pants, which can be done out of thin air. Create an eye-catching spot and make your pants the center of attention.

Y2K trouser chain is a brand-new fashion item. It can be a colorful product that is linked together like a chain, or it can be a thin silver chain. The former has a rough cute feeling, while the latter shows a sense of sexy sensitivity.

Y2K pants chain


Y2K metal rivet belt

Rivets are actually just a synonym for metal elements, whether they are rivets, metal beads, or small metal hearts, they are all great for Y2K style! As long as it is a metal element, it can fit in with our 2000s fashion.

The same goes for diamond jewelry. The belt decorated with small diamond jewelry at equal intervals is really beautiful!

I have also seen belts made of transparent materials. The combination of transparent materials and metallic colors really perfectly fits the essence of Y2K matching rules!

Y2K metal rivet belt Y2K belt


Y2K Bags

Bags, in any case, are a large category worthy of their own discussion. Y2K Bags can be roughly divided into several types. I will directly recommend the most popular and representative styles for you here.


Y2K Transparent PVC material bag

The peak period of the development of Y2K aesthetics was from 1998 to 2003. In the production background of that year, there was no high resolution, and the low-definition sense of technology and future was the first impression it gave people. The optimistic attitude is reflected in bright colors and futuristic three-dimensional materials. And PVC material is the material that best reflects this three-dimensional sense of the future.

Transparent bags are still popular today, and given the recent Barbie craze, getting a cute pink bag isn’t bad for your daily wear too.

Y2K Transparent PVC material bag Transparent bag y2k bags


Y2K baguette bag

The baguette bag, which has been at the forefront of the trend in recent years, is actually a true symbol of Y2K aesthetics. Thanks to the popularity of Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City”, the baguette bag has instantly become a versatile item. This is the perfect accessory for everyday Y2K dressing, and also comes in many styles, nostalgic vintage style, futuristic silver style. If you like retro style, you can choose Louis Vuitton Pochette or Fendi Baguette. If you like futuristic style, you can choose some bags made of metallic colors or shiny fabrics. Silver is particularly popular this year, and silver is the color of choice for y2k style.

y2k bags y2k bag


Y2K mobile phone case/phone case pendant

Y2K style phone cases and phone case accessories usually have these characteristics: bold colors, shiny materials, and technological motifs, have a futuristic and vibrant aesthetic.

Although mobile phone cases and mobile phone case pendants are not exclusive to Y2K, everyone’s impression of the 2000s must be a cute flip phone full of pendants. Even though few people use flip phones these days, the trend of phone cases and phone accessories is still popular. The beaded bracelet mentioned above is a very good Y2K mobile phone charm.




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