Appreciation Of 2000s R&B Album Covers

2000s r&b album covers


We’ve talked about 2000s Rock Album Covers in Appreciation Of 2000s Rock Album Covers, now we’re going to do another appreciation of 2000s R&B Album Covers. By appreciating 2000s R&B Album Covers, you can know the style of album covers in the 2000s. Album covers can reflect the avant-garde aesthetics of an era. Friends who like y2k aesthetics will definitely like the album cover design of the 2000s. Not only can you use them as bedroom corner decorations, but you can print them out in large quantities as decorations for your 2000s-themed birthday party!


Miss E… So Addictive- Missy Elliott

This album was released in 2001. The cover background is two metal spiked balls floating in mid-air, which is full of depictions of the future perceived in the 2000s.

Missy Elliott’s makeup on the cover also blends in with the background color. The main color is silver cyan full of technology, a slightly afro hair, glossy lip makeup, huge silver hoop earrings…all direct Showcasing the aesthetics of the 2000s.

2000s r&b album covers Miss E... So Addictive- Missy Elliott

Survivor- Destiny’s Child

Also released in 2001, is Destiny’s Child’s third studio album. On the cover, three people are sitting together. Their outfits are very classic y2k outfits. Each of them has a metallic silver S costume. Silver clothing is still very eye-catching today. Whether it is a silver suspender tight skirt, silver trousers, or a silver sports coat, they are all very beautiful. Everyone is wearing large silver hoop earrings, which echo the silver clothes on their bodies, making them beautiful and charming.

2000s r&b album covers Survivor- Destiny's Child


The third studio album from American girl group TLC, actually released in 1999. It is worth mentioning that the album received eight nominations at the 42nd Grammy Awards.

The FanMail album cover presents the neo-futuristic style of the early 2000s. The three people on the cover present robot-like images with stiff eyes, metallic skin, and bright red lips, which contains a modern emphasis on female power and independence. Annie Lord described the members on the cover as “three digitised, disembodied cyborgs from another dimension”.

y2k album coversFanMail-TLC

Full Moon- Brandy

Released in 2002 and recorded in 2001, “Full Moon” draws inspiration from British garage, electronic, dance, glitch and funktronica, while incorporating elements of soul and R&B into adult contemporary folk. It was nominated for multiple awards, including Lemmy Award for Best Contemporary R&B Album.

The album’s cover artwork was photographed by Marc Baptiste, with Norwood sporting shoulder-length, long, straight hair and “heavy make-up” by Rea Ann Silva. Additional photos of the album cover were taken by Jonathan Mannion and Matthew Rolston.

This kind of makeup that seems retro now was actually a very classic makeup combination at the time. Glossy lips, shadows that emphasize the T-zone, light but flat foundation, and purple or blue eye shadows are all worth it. Points referenced in Throwback Thursdays parties.

In addition, although Full Moon’s album cover looks relatively simple, the font design in the upper right corner is very consistent with Y2K aesthetics. You can check out our previous article about Y2K aesthetic design: Nostalgic Charm of Y2K Drawings- Y2K Mania.

y2k album covers Full Moon- Brandy

Release Some Tension- SWV

The third studio album of the American R&B group SWV was released in 1997. The cover of the group seems to be a photo taken by everyone together. The images of the three protagonists in this album are also classic 2000s fashion outfits, including leather pants, leather boots, Leopard print cowboy hats, Leopard print tube tops, and Leopard print jackets. In my last article, Ashanti Outfits 2000s Y2K Inspirations, I also mentioned the use of Leopard print elements in Y2K fashion, which is full of wild and free beauty.

y2k r&b album covers Release Some Tension- SWV

No More Drama- Mary J. Blige

No More Drama, the fifth studio album released in 2001. It debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart and number one on the R&B album chart.

The album was nominated for two Grammy Awards at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards: Best R&B Album and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance (“Family Affair”).

Stylistically, the album shifts from Mary’s blues-infused R&B style to her early 1990s hip-hop grooves.

In the cover, Mary J. Blige is dressed in red. She wears sunglasses with red lenses, dark red lips, a dark red crocodile leather slim jacket, and bright red inner wear. It is worth mentioning the gold choker necklace and large hoop earrings, made of metal. The combination of gold and red colors creates a unique retro charm and cool color.

2000s album covers No More Drama- Mary J. Blige

Dangerously in Love- Beyoncé

A classic Beyoncé album image, this iconic image was photographed by photographer Markus Klinko.

“Dangerously in Love” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, spawned such still-loved hits as “Crazy in Love,” and earned Beyoncé five Grammy Awards.

Beyoncé on the cover shows a very typical Y2K image: saturated blue, metallic skin, and nude lip gloss, reflecting the perfect 2000s retro image. Of course, this was not “retro” at the time, Diamond Online The clothes are very eye-catching and attractive. They look like they are studded with diamonds. They are paired with a classic 2000s item: low-rise jeans.

y2k r&b album covers Dangerously in Love- Beyoncé

Blaque – Blaque

Blaque is the album of the same name by the American girl group Blaque. It seems that many groups or singers will use their own name (or stage name) as the title of their debut album, and Blaque is no exception.

Although this album did not win any major awards, the cover is indeed worthy of praise. It was released in 1999, just at the forefront of the early 2000s trend. The image design of the three girls is very y2k girls, whether it is a bun Whether it’s the tiny colorful hair accessories on the braided hair, or the outfits of colorful suspenders paired with w transparent jackets, they are all in line with our y2k style.

Blaque - Blaque y2k album cover


The album Missundaztood by American singer Pink was released in 2001. The cover has eye-catching pink and black graffiti. The cute and rebellious fonts and the entire cover give people the same overall feeling. And Pink with pink hair makes sense. The light pink short hair and bracelet tattoos all show some punk elements. Missundaztood is a pop rock record. It contains elements from various other genres, including blues, metal, hip-hop, new wave and disco, which combined with the rebellious overtones in the cover give it a unique feel that’s unlike any other.

y2k album covers Pink - Missundaztood



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