Appreciation Of 2000s Rock Album Covers

2000s rock album covers


If you have read our previous article “2000s R&B Trivia Questions And Answers” you will definitely remember the 10 2000s R&B Albums Worth Listening we listed at the end of the article. Today we will talk about 2000s rock album covers. By appreciating 2000s album covers, we can learn from them the unique design aesthetics of 2000s.


Elliott SmithFigure 8

The background of the cover of Elliott Smith’s fifth album is already a famous attraction. This graffiti wall with twisted lines is located at 4334 Sunset Boulevard, a favorite in Los Angeles. Since Elliott Smith passed away in 2003, it has become a popular place for music fans around the world to pay tribute to him.

It is a pity that this graffiti wall has experienced a lot of graffiti and even damage over the years, but it also proves in some aspects that Elliott Smith does have a strong influence.

Elliott Smith - Figure 8 2000s rock album covers
Elliott Smith – Figure 8

The twisted geometric pattern design of this 2000 album covers is actually an important element of the 2000s desgin. The twisted patterns and lines are the embodiment of the psychedelic, mysterious and intoxicating style of the 2000s.


Kate PerryOne of the Boys

The cover of Kate Perry’s first album is bright and artificial. But it perfectly showcases the pop singer’s personality and musical style like babes in the woods.

Photographer Michael Elins captured this iconic photo. His distinctive photographic style complements Kate Perry’s charisma, creating an unforgettable image.

2000s rock album covers Kate Perry - One of the Boys
Kate Perry – One of the Boys

Bright colors (especially pink), full color saturation, and cute fonts are some of the indispensable features of the y2k trend that is popular today. It can be said that the design of this album cover is an excellent learning material for today’s popular y2k design. If you want to make a y2k poster, or just want to retouch your own photo, make it a photo that can be used on as some y2k popular pictures posted on ins, you can definitely refer to this album cover.


Andrew W.K.I Get Wet

The cover of rock genius Andrew W.K.’s first album is slightly bloody, and the bleeding nose is absolutely real and not adulterated. Andrew W.K. claimed that the constant redness was caused by him slapping himself in the face.

The photographer who took this photo, Roe Etheridge, said that they also used bricks during the shooting, but it seemed that they were not lethal enough. In the end, he went to a nearby butcher shop to get some blood to complete the shooting successfully.

Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet 2000 album covers
Andrew W.K. – I Get Wet

The bloody element is of course eye-catching. The bright color of blood can grab people’s attention immediately. It has a sense of chaos and destruction, which is very suitable for the mental state of confused and overwhelmed teenagers in the 2000s.


Kanye WestThe College Dropout

Kanye West’s debut album in 2003 instantly made him one of the hottest artists in the world. And the album cover is equally eye-catching. A human-shaped stuffed bear wearing blue jeans sits glumly on the school bleachers. It perfectly interprets Kanye’s bright and serious aesthetic. Since then, the stuffed bear has become synonymous with Kanye, and has appeared on the covers of his subsequent albums, Late Registration and Graduation.

Kanye West - The College Dropout 2000 album covers
Kanye West – The College Dropout

The bright yellow background color is bright and gorgeous, and the saturation is high. The human-shaped doll bear almost has an uncanny valley effect, but it is still cute. This cute yet slightly scary design idea is undoubtedly one of the characteristics of 2000s rock album covers!


Lil Wayne The Carter III

Who is the little baby with tattoos on his face on the cover of Lil Wayne’s 2008 album? The answer is Lil Wayne himself! This cute baby photo was lent to him by his mother specifically for the album cover, but the tattoo was added later. Lil Wayne said in a later interview with MTV: I don’t know where my mom found this photo. She also gave me a lot of photos. In addition to this one, there are others. If you see them, you will definitely say that she has too many photos.

Lil Wayne-The Carter III album covers 2000s
Lil Wayne-The Carter III


Yeah Yeah YeahsFever to Tell

The debut album from New York punk trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs is definitely one of the best albums in decades. They emerged from the underground.

Artist Cody Criicheloe designed the cover for the album. He admitted that he was inspired by torn punk magazines, graffiti, and the layers of shabby posters in the New York subway. He said in a 2019 interview: They look beautiful and useless, which is what New York feels like.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell album covers 2000s
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to Tell

Beautiful and useless, in fact, this is also the feeling that 2000s fashion gives me sometimes. After all, those elements are so beautiful, but you really don’t know what their meaning is, so as life, so as everything. Maybe beauty itself is meaning.


Lady GagaThe Fame

The cover of Lady Gaga’s debut album is an indelible classic image that defined pop.

The classic image of Lady Gaga wearing crystal sunglasses and wielding a disco stick has been throughout her career. Lady Gaga has perfectly created her personal image. In the words of Billboard, “instantly seems like the biggest thing in 2000s pop.”

2000s album cover Lady Gaga - The Fame
Lady Gaga – The Fame


Florence + the MachineLungs

Florence + the Machine’s music is deeply personal and explosive, so the cover of the band’s 2009 debut album featured lead singer Florence Welch wearing a cutout dress that exposed her realistic lungs. It was a perfect match.

The unforgettable idea came from artistic director Tabitha Denholm, while Orlando Weeks, lead singer of the British rock band The Maccabees, created the prosthetic lung worn by Florence Welch.

Florence + the Machine - Lungs early 2000s album covers
Florence + the Machine – Lungs


Jay-ZThe Blueprint

Blueprint marks Jay-Z reaching a higher level of superstardom in both rap and pop music. The cover of this classic album he released in 2001 has a frosty filter added to it, which is very cool and reflects his kingly attitude.

The cover shoot was inspired by photographer Jocelyn Bain Hogg’s photo album The Firm, which documented British gangster culture. However, they replaced the original fists and phones on the table with cigars and microphones.

Jay-Z - The Blueprint iconic album covers 2000s
Jay-Z – The Blueprint


Jimmy Eat WorldBleed American

Bleed American is definitely one of the best rock records of the 2000s. It not only has a classic power pop style, but also retains the band’s iconic emo style. This album cover is an absolute gem in the history of power pop music.

The cover photo shows several bowling trophies on a cigarette rolling machine. It is said that this photo was not taken deliberately, but was taken casually. The photo comes from photographer William Eggleston, who also shot the cover of Big Star’s album Radio City.

Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American 2000s album cover
Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American



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