2000s double denim

2000s Double Denim: Learning from Celebrities


If you have read our previous article Throwback Outfits 00s: 9 Trendy Items in 2000s and 2023 Halloween: How to Dress for A 2000s Party, then you should know that there are two classic suit combinations in 2000s fashion outfits: one is velvet sports clothing suit, and the other one is the denim suit we are going to talk about today.

In fact, the popular denim suits in the 2000s were not literally neat denim suits, but more of double denim designs and layering. Everyone knows that low-waist jeans are a hot item in y2k, so how to wear 2000s double denim fashionably?


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Denim items such as jeans, denim skirts, and denim jackets are one of the most popular fashion styles in the world. They are extremely malleable, versatile, and easy to style. If we talk about the classic look of denim, we have to mention the denim suit Canadian Suit! The Canadian Suit, which appeared as early as the 1950s, actually refers to a denim jacket paired with jeans or a skirt, which is what we now call “Denim on denim”. Denim suit Canadian Suit is classic and good-looking. Even if it is just denim and denim, it can have many different patterns. Many celebrities in the fashion industry love this kind of denim suit, so you might as well learn from different fashionistas.

At one of the American Music Awards in 2001, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, who were still lovers at the time, appeared in denim suits. They pushed the Canadian Suit pop culture to its peak.

2000s double denim Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Lin Jiyan

Do you still remember the popular global revenge Korean drama “The Glory”? Lim Ji-yeon, who became famous after her performance in “The Glory”, is actually loved by many Korean girls for her private outfits.

Look at this denim suit, the clever part is the navel-baring short jacket, which is also a point worth learning from. If the color of the denim clothes all over the body is exactly the same, then it is best to leave a part that clearly separates the two like Jiyeon, such as the waistline here, which can effectively cut the upper and lower garments, create a visual separation effect, and highlight the slenderness of the waist. It echoes the feeling of isolation between top and bottom clothing.

In addition, Jiyeon’s short denim top has a square neckline, which also shows off the shoulder and neck lines to the greatest extent, without making the top look too bulky. The single braided hairstyle also creates a lively and cute youthful atmosphere.

2000s double denim

Olivia Palermo

Fashion socialite Olivia Palermo successfully transformed this casual denim suit into a formal look. The straight denim suit jacket is paired with high-waisted flared jeans for a clean and neat look. Simply wear it with a T-shirt or T-shirt, and you can look elegant and generous without losing the aura of a career-oriented woman. She cleverly chose to embellish it with different metal jewelry to make the entire denim suit look more stylish.

Olivia Palermo 2000s double denim

Gigi Hadid

It is also a denim suit, but the style of denim items chosen by supermodel Gigi Hadid is quite different. First of all, it is a denim jacket with a double-breasted design, which is very waist-slimming. Even the more neutral denim material can still show off the beauty of women’s lines. Moreover, it is matched with the recently popular cycling pants, and the whole look feels casual and fashionable. The silver handbag and high heels are used as accessories, which makes it feel even more special.

Look carefully at the combination of silver and denim blue. The combination of these two colors is rarely seen, but after seeing her combination, you can no longer say that silver and blue cannot match. Handbags, shoes, and even buttons on denim tops echo each other to complete the best combination of colors.

Gigi Hadid Gigi double denim 2000s

Gigi Again

This denim suit can be said to be the most classic lining method among Canadian suits! The oversize but short denim jacket is stylish and a bit decadent. Paired with high-waisted jeans, the overall look is more in line with the retro style. Of course, Gigi was not willing to be ordinary. She chose to wear a bright red tube top and high-heeled pointed boots, which brightened the entire look and immediately increased her eye-catching appearance.

If the blue and silver above are the king of cool combinations, then this set is the queen of hot combinations. There are three echoes of the color on her body in almost every look. Have you found the third point besides shoes and tops? Right, lips!

Gigi double denim 2000s

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid used two denim items of different shades to match her denim suit. The ragged design and a red hooded sweatshirt gave the look a full sense of street fashion. The ultra-short design of the coat visually greatly improves the body proportions. Pairing nine-point jeans with fashionable mules can subtly reveal your slim ankles, making it low-key but sexy.

This set is also a classic combination of red and blue, but this look is more casual style. The previous set with that cool colored-sunglasses looks like you can go directly to the catwalk.

Bella Hadid double denim early 2000s


2000s Double Denim Matching Tips

After learning from celebrities’ double denim outfits, let’s summarize the 2000s double denim matching tips.

Avoid combinations with dark top and bright bottom

The combination of dark top and bright bottom means that the upper body chooses a dark color clothing style, while the pants choose a bright color style, such as a blue jacket paired with white jeans. This will easily focus the matching on the legs, which will easily expose the body. Imperfect leg shapes, such as thick legs or short legs, will be visible at a glance, which is equivalent to magnifying personal flaws, making it difficult to coordinate the overall match.

But you can choose the “upper light and lower dark” matching method.

denim on denim 2000s

Avoid high-saturation styles

The higher the saturation, the stiffer and stronger the style displayed. When two different high-saturation items are matched, the style contrast will be more obvious, making it more difficult to coordinate the matching, especially jeans and denim jackets. Used as the outermost matching item.

Looking at our examples above, most of them choose light-colored denim clothing, and they do not choose colors that are too saturated.

Avoid combinations with dark top and bright bottom 2000s britney spears double denim

Matching method of long top and short bottom

As the name suggests, the pants are in the style of denim shorts, and the top is in the style of a long-sleeved jacket. This can reduce the matching area of the pants, and the contrast between the upper and lower matching is also weakened and reduced accordingly. Just like the denim shorts we have seen before, in fact, the denim skirt is also the same, even more youthful and lively.

2000s britney spears double denim

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