Throwback Outfits 00s: 9 Trendy Items in 2000s

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It’s finally here! The last article in this series: here comes the latest 2000s! You can click to go to previous articles in this series: 90s, 80s, and 50s throwback outfits!


Nostalgic items that symbolize the 2000s are back in fashion. Do you still remember nostalgic items such as low-waisted pants, tight-fitting vests that must be worn every day, must-have square headscarves, and stylish sunglasses?

Charles Gola, CEO and founder of Rebag, a second-hand brand goods trading website, mentioned: “It has been more than 10 years since the 2000s ended, and it is time to revive the retro trend.” “Generation Z is the age that has experienced Y2K fashion. But when you grow up, this style is rarely seen again. Influential fashion shows such as “Gossip Girl” and “Sex and the City” are also experiencing a renaissance.”



Y2K must-have item 1: Baby Tees

If I were asked to choose an outfit that best embodies the characteristics of y2k throwback outfits, then there is no doubt that I would choose Baby Tees! Almost all the 2000s throwback outfits you see will be paired with this piece, whether there is a jacket or not, whether the bottom is a skirt or pants – baby tees are always chosen.

The basic tight-fitting vest is an all-purpose item that can be dressed up elegantly or casually. It is especially suitable for pairing with looser pants such as wide pants, overalls, etc. The tight-fitting vest has also returned to the mix with the Y2K trend. A definitely classic item!

Y2K must-have item 1 Baby Tees throwback outfits 2000s


Y2K must-have item 2: low-rise pants

If there is anything that goes best with baby tees, then I would say low-rise pants. Although there are many materials to choose from, low-waist jeans are probably the one you can’t go wrong with! In fact, low-waisted skirts are also a very good choice ~ generously revealing the sexy belly button ring and small waist, exposing some skin can elongate the body proportions, and at the same time achieve a sexy but not too revealing dressing taste!

Another very trendy combination among 2000s throwback outfits is Denim on Denim, which is a denim jacket with jeans, a denim vest with a denim jacket, and denim elements all over the body. It can be a suit or denim of different colors to show a layered look.

Y2K must-have item 2: low-rise pants throwback outfits 2000s


Y2K must-have item 3: Velour Tracksuits

If you have ever experienced that era, or have seen the outfits of celebrities in the 2000s, you will definitely notice this thing in common: Velour Tracksuits! Especially the brightly colored ones. After all, in Y2K, bright color combinations are the mainstream. So you can easily find Velour Tracksuits in some dazzling colors, such as pink, grass green or royal blue.

Because Velour Tracksuits are a suit, you don’t need to think too much about matching. You only need a pair of sneakers. If you want to add icing on the cake, retro colored sunglasses and a headband that match the color of your outfit are both good choices!

Y2K must-have item 3: Velour Tracksuits  2000s throwback outfits


Y2K must-have item 4: Metallics

As we all know, a major element of our y2k is the sense of future technology, so how can we miss out on the Metallics element? In the fashion scene of the 2000s, the active participation of metallic elements can indeed be seen everywhere: shiny mini skirts, metallic jackets, shiny shoes, sequined accessories, and even makeup can be embellished with metallic colors!

Among them, the one I particularly recommend is the metallic mini skirt! Miniskirts were very popular throughout the 2000s. Like baby tees, they are the favorite of trendy girls on the street. In those days, opting for a sparkly metallic miniskirt, whether it was silver, gold or purple, made you the center of attention at the party.

Y2K must-have item 4: Metallics 2000s throwback outfits


Y2K must-have item 5: Transparent PVC texture shoes/bags

Although high-heeled shoes or bags made of exquisite transparent PVC are made of plastic, if they are paired with mature and personalized clothing, the overall texture will be greatly improved! They are completely different from the cute little plastic sandals we wore when we were children. Clever matching and adding a few elements like this will make the overall look look playful, interesting and fashionable.

The transparent texture and metallic color are both good at creating a sense of the future and technology! The two even match well. You can explore it yourself and maybe you can match it with outfits that even fashion masters would admire~

Y2K must-have item 5: Transparent PVC texture shoes/bags


Y2K must-have item 6: Pleated Skirt

When talking about the fourth item, I mentioned the craze of miniskirts in the 2000s. In fact, the same goes for pleated skirts. Nowadays, when people see pleated skirts, they think they are very ordinary, or they think of students. But at that time, pleated skirts could be matched in a variety of ways, and they became a fashionable and versatile item that is very popular among young girls!

Here I especially recommend that you pair it with a metal low-waisted belt, which can neutralize the student style of the pleated skirt and add some coldness, creating a sweet and cool style.

y2k Pleated Skirt 2000s outfits


Y2K must-have item 7: Baguette Bag

In “Sex and the City”, Carrie’s classic line “It’s not a bag, It’s a Baguette!” when she carried the FINDI Baguette on her back was impressive and led to the popularity of this type of bag.

The elegant and compact baguette bag is not only fashionable, but also reveals an avant-garde feel in the 2000s. It is almost perfectly suitable for various 2000s outfits. The rainbow-colored baguette bag emphasizes bright colors and contrasting colors. It can be paired with a sports suit of the same bright color; paired with a pair of loose jeans, a short dress or a navel-baring outfit, the simplest outfit can show a fashionable look. Vintage charm!

You can also hang metal chains, sequins and other decorations on your bag, which can become your best DIY work!

Baguette Bag


Y2K must-have item 8: Bandanas

At this point, we’re almost all talking about accessories. And y2k style is indeed inseparable from the role of various accessories. First, let’s talk about Bandanas, which are almost a relatively high-end matching item.

What I especially want to say is, the purpose of Bandanas! Bandanas actually have a wide range of uses. Most people may choose them as a headscarf or neck scarf, Gorgeous for sure. But that’s not enough, there are other ways to use it, you can tie it to your wrist or even your bag.

The patterns and colors of Bandanas can provide a very good finishing touch. It is a small product that gets twice the result with half the effort~

2000s outfits item Bandanas


Y2K must-have item 9: Butterfly Hair Clips

In my previous articles, I have repeatedly mentioned y2k fashion’s fanatical love for the image of butterflies. In jewelry stores in the 2000s, butterfly-shaped hairpins, hairbands, and bows can be seen everywhere.

Of course, I love butterflies! The butterfly image lives on forever!

The butterfly hairpin can also be made of metal, making it look almost like a mechanical butterfly pet parked in your hair. It can transform into a vehicle in the next second – cool.

Y2K must-have item 9: Butterfly Hair Clips



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