Throwback Outfits: All About 80s Outfits

Halloween cosplay ideas-The Breakfast Club, throwback outfits

In the last post, we mentioned the throwback outfits of the 50s. According to the plan mentioned last week, we will talk about the throwback outfits 80s today!


80s Fashion

Speaking of 80s fashion, here we list some of the fashion features of this era for your reference.

Unisex Style

The rise of unisex style is closely related to the improvement of women’s status. Unisex style has spread almost throughout Europe and America, and even spread to Asia.

In the 1980s, if a star wanted to appear on the cover of a fashion magazine, the turnover collar element was simply the best choice.

At that time, Isabella Adjanic was the dream girl of a large number of men. She also used a turnover collar shirt to show a different version of herself.

Isabella Adjanic
Isabella Adjanic

In addition to the turnover collar, shoulder pads and long windbreakers are also symbols of unisex style in this era. The high-profile and exaggerated black main color not only has the formal feeling of OL, but also reflects the exaggeration and grandeur rarely stressed in women’s fashion.

80s Fashion Women


Exaggerated Style

If the sexiness of women in the 1980s could be unified by one name, it would be Madonna. Among the many cowboy styles and white-collar OL styles, she used her actions to prove who is qualified to talk about sexy.

At that time, she conquered major fields such as music and fashion with her fluffy blond hair and sexy dancing styles. Since then, Madonna has become synonymous with sexiness. This bad girl-like slutty look has become unexpectedly popular. stand up.

1980s Madonna
Madonna on stage for her 1985 Virgin Tour.


Street Style

If you like watching old movies, you will definitely be able to see various American retro outfits. The 1970s-1980s were the era that had the greatest influence on street style.

Sexy tank tops and leather jackets, baggy jeans and striped shirts. Various casual mix-and-match styles have become part of street culture, and many young people are imitating and using them to this day.

The single-piece leather jacket is a highlight, and Martin boots are almost the standard for fashionable people. Most young people like to wear them in bars and discos. Bar culture was also very popular at the time.

80s Fashion The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club


Luxurious Style

The biggest feature of this style is the velvet material. This kind of fabric is often used vividly in fashion shows. Today’s retro style combines popular elements to play new tricks with this material.

“Velvet” began to be revived due to the era when transgender thoughts became more and more active. Until today, velvet has finally become a symbol of maturity and romance. Velvet feels soft and brings a sexy and romantic feel, which is perfect for underwear.

velvet material in1980s, throwback outfits

The lazy and elegant temperament of velvet elements is revealed bit by bit through the sexiness of women’s underwear.

The combination of velvet and lace enhances the overall effect, and the embellishment of hollow lace adds a girlish feel while being retro and sexy; some high-waisted styles also have a retro charm.


Famous Characters from the 80s – Halloween cosplay ideas

Welcome to our new column specially created for Halloween – in the next few posts, we will give you some Halloween cosplay ideas based on the article topic that you will definitely be satisfied with!

“The Breakfast Club”

The pinnacle of youth movies, The Breakfast Club! I also gave an illustration of this movie in the article above (which is enough to show that I really love these people!)

Teenagers with different personalities, come and choose a role you want to play~

Halloween cosplay ideas-The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

Very suitable for team cosplay ideas, you don’t even need five people, you can form a couple team with just two people. If you can really get five people together, of course you can achieve the best effect – given the popularity of this movie, almost everyone will recognize you!


“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

Well, I admit, I am a fan of John Hughes. The cutest youth movie, everyone will remember this scene in the art museum!

Still a good idea for teamwork!

Halloween cosplay ideas-Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

In fact, if you get an extra person (4 people), I highly recommend someone take on the role of Principal, that would be soooo funny.


“Nightmare on Elm Street”

Here comes the horror movies – perfect for Halloween! If you want to become a qualified Freddy Krueger, you’d better prepare your mask and blade gloves in advance – these are two essential props! In fact, you can make these props yourself. Making props is one of my favorite parts of Halloween.

Halloween cosplay ideas-Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger


“Child’s Play”

Another classic horror movie image – welcome the famous Chucky! “Child’s Play” is a 1988 movie, but Chucky was actually born in 1958. To dress like Chucky, all you need is a pair of jean overalls, a rainbow-striped shirt, and red hair. And maybe an ax.

Since Chucky is a doll, it is very suitable for children to play. Even the color of his costume matches a jack-o’-lantern.


Chucky from "Child's Play"
Chucky from “Child’s Play”



Hey, scary doll, choose one – are you a Chucky or an Annabelle?

Compared with the real doll collected in the museum, the Annabelle doll in the movie may be more famous. The doll’s costume dress is made of lush oyster-white cloth, pleated below the empire waistline and featuring a wide red band and extravagant rose motif.

In fact, anyone who doesn’t recognize the famous haunted doll might find this outfit really cute.



“Back to the Future”

The famous Back to the Future trilogy, who wouldn’t want to be a McFly?

The timelines in the trilogy are very obvious. You can actually choose any timeline for cosplay. To be honest, I can’t let go of the pink flying skateboard and the classic red vest.

The combination of Marty and the Doctor is impressive enough, and if you are a family of three, you can take advantage of the combination of the Doctor, Martin and the Doctor’s wife from Season 3 ~ You can even make your dog an “Einstein”!

You know what’s cooler? The modified DeLorean!!!

Back to the Future
Back to the Future



That’s it for us about 80s fashion and 80s outfits. In the next article we are going to talk about the 90s! Stay tuned!


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