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The century-old history of clothing development in the last century can be called the golden age of human fashion. With the development of time and economic forms, clothing has also experienced different cultural immersions and changes, including the color storm of the 1960s, the rock era and hippie culture of the 1970s, and the strength and modernity of the 1980s… But it should be regarded as the most important part of the history of clothing design. The one that I will remember, and one that still deeply influences daily wear today, is the 1990s~

Winona Ryder 90s throwback outfits
Winona Ryder 1990s


Fashion Leader

The 1990s is hailed as the most beautiful era in the United States. A song “Smell Like Teen Spirit” by the famous band Nirvana opened up the rebellious hearts of contemporary young people. Bold and colorful throwback outfits also show the vitality of the 1990s that cannot be ignored.

Julia Roberts is one of the most iconic figures in 1990s clothing style. While female stars were still wearing all kinds of skirts and dresses, she attended the red carpet wearing an oversized unisex suit (Giorgio Armani suits), setting off a fashion trend of women wearing men’s clothing.

Julia Roberts 1990s throwback outfits
Julia Roberts

Her confident attitude and generous temperament are also reflected in her clothing matching. Looking through Julia’s 90s outfits, it’s not difficult to see that her outfits always have a cool and neutral style. A slightly oversized suit can always be matched with different shirts or T-shirts to create the most suitable combination.

Different from the fashion styles of the previous decades we mentioned, the fashion of the 1990s paid more attention to practicality. Suits are no longer exclusive to men in the workplace, and unisex suits of various large silhouettes have become an indispensable key look for fashion trendsetters of that era.

Julia Roberts 90s look

As fashion production technology became more advanced at that time, artificial materials such as nylon and polyester fiber became popular, and fashion finally became civilian and entered the public eye.

In addition to complete sets of suits, leather coats, shirts, vests, jackets and western cowboy boots in various colors, such items that were originally reserved for men are gradually being adopted by women’s fashion. The original feminine skirt, wavy hair, red lips and other elements are perfectly integrated with the above-mentioned neutral elements.

This kind of combination that blurs gender breaks the boundaries of gender and makes fashion more interesting.

throwback outfits 90s

And the fashion of the 90s emphasized a simple sexiness. A simple example is midriff-baring clothing. Wearing under the shoulders and wearing underwear outside liberates women’s rights and makes the word sexy no longer obscure. The most typical one is the tube top suspender skirt that was popular throughout the 90s.


Iconic Look1

Blazer + T-shirt + mid-waist jeans + wide belt + white socks + sneakers

The combination of a white plain T-shirt and a suit jacket is probably the most memorable outfit for me in the 1990s. I still find it very cute when I see it! Moreover, it is easy to get this item, which is the best way to create a sense of the 90s! Here I still use Julia Roberts as an example. Her outfit at that time is still fashionable today.

Julia Roberts 1990s outfits


Iconic Look2 Slip Dress

The slip dress, which is light, simple and glossy, brings out the ultimate in simple sexiness and low-key fashion at the same time. In fact, many girls now have a slip dress of this style in their wardrobe. This design was launched by Calvin Klein, a popular underwear brand in the 1990s. Not only is it a common choice for celebrities at red carpet parties, but I remember seeing this kind of dress in various movies and TV shows (like Rachel and Monica in Friends)

Slip Dress 1990s outfits


Iconic Look3 Professional Suit

business suit. To seize the female workplace market, major brands have launched various professional suits for women. The A-line ruffled skirt suit is formal yet playful, and the full-body pencil skirt suit is professional yet sexy. The addition of trousers allows women to increase their elegance while demonstrating their power.

Professional suits mostly use large color blocks, which are fashionable and classic.

Professional Suit 1990s throwback outfits


Famous 90’s Characters– Halloween Cosplay Ideas

Welcome to our special column for the upcoming Halloween: Halloween cosplay ideas recommendations! Without further ado, I will immediately list the 1990s characters that I think are suitable for Halloween cosplay!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton is good at creating fantastic images with weird and bizarre stories and images (I’m not the only one who thinks this is cute, right?)

To dress up like Jack Skellington, you may need a headgear, while makeup is also a good option. Then there is a black and white striped suit. The details of the collar need to be paid attention to~

This is simply the most suitable character for Halloween cosplay!

Jack Skellington, 90s character, Halloween idea
Jack Skellington


Teletubbies Friends

Hahaha! Whose childhood is this? Who didn’t watch Teletubbies Friends as a kid? Then you are either too young, or… I won’t say it.

Is there anyone like me who is actually vaguely afraid of these cute looking friends… So to a certain extent, I support Teletubbies Friends to become the permanent contestants of Halloween cosplay! Not to mention how easy it is to dress up as Teletubbies Friends, all you need is a furry onesie!

Teletubbies Friends
Teletubbies Friends


Dumb And Dumber

Classic, needless to say. This is perfect for cosplay as a couple or friends, and your colorful costumes will definitely make you the center of attention! Don’t forget the hat part, it’s a highlight! In fact, I saw someone change the overall color of the clothing, and the effect was still very good – or better, you can try it too~

Dumb And Dumber
Dumb And Dumber



This simple and practical aesthetic has deeply influenced the fashion circle to this day. From recent vintage stores and vintage outfits, you can also see a large number of works from 90s designers.

Thank you for watching our discussion on 1990s costume styles and 1990s Halloween ideas. Stay tuned for our next installment of this series’ final article – 00s throwback clothes!


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