2000s Metal Fashion: Y2K Outfits, Bags, Jewelry and Makeup

2000s metal fashion


In terms of fashion, Y2K generally refers to the style of clothing from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. At that time, the Internet was beginning to rise, and we were in a period of transition between old and new generations. Under the influence of digital technology, futuristic clothing and accessories such as metallic shiny surfaces and bright colors became popular.

Here comes our 2000s metal fashion! We’ve talked about this in our previous article, but that was more general, today we will talk about 2000s metal fashion outfits in detail!

2000s metal fashion

Popular indicators at that time included Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the American TV series “Sex and the City”, etc. Some people say that popularity comes around every 20 years. This is true. Recently, in Korean stars Jennie, Joy, Taeyeon, and major European and American actresses such as Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa can all see the popular elements of Y2K!


Y2K metal outfits

Metallic pleated skirt paired with hot pink babt T-shirts, metallic jacket with small suspenders, off-shoulder metal tube top…Y2K style does not lack popular metallic items. At the same time, just like we said that a major feature of Y2K outfits is denim matching denim, metallic colors also match well, like the metallic tube top + metallic oversized jacket in the picture, or metallic mini skirts + metallic colors babyshirts, all gorgeous!

2000s metal fashion

In addition, glossy leather is actually a way to reflect the properties of metal. Although it is not a metallic color itself, smooth glossy leather can show a beautiful metallic luster. Glossy leather is a material and decoration often used in the y2k fashion field. Whether applied to clothes or bags and other accessories, it is quite unique and eye-catching. Moreover, leather gives people a cool and personalized feeling, and the combination of bright leather with different colors can create a more diverse design atmosphere.

jisoo y2k silver outfits

Look at kpop star Jennie’s look in “You and Me”. It really impressed me. The futuristic silver outfit collides with sweet and charming elements such as bows, ribbons and mesh skirts. It matches her temperament perfectly. Don’t be too matched!

jennie y2k silver outfits

If you want to know more about metal Mini Skirt 2000s, you can see: Mini Skirt 2000s: Y2K Fashion Trends For 2023


Y2K metal bags

Silver bags are a huge trend these days! In fact, designers and celebrities from major brands also have a special liking for silver.

DIESEL silver y2k bag


Friends who have paid attention to the y2K craze are no strangers to the brand DIESEL. It is one of the most popular brands recently. Many Korean artists and YouTubers have used DIESEL items. This silver handbag is one of the brand’s most popular bags, made of metallic leather with the iconic DIESEL Logo.

y2k silver Prada's handbag

Prada’s handbag

Prada’s handbag sparked a craze when it was launched. It is made of silver glossy leather with the brand’s classic bag shape and smooth and natural line design. Pair a silver handbag with all black to instantly improve the overall look.

Balenciaga silver bag y2k


As early as this year’s Valentine’s Day, Balenciaga launched this LE CAGOLE series heart-shaped handbag, which continues the brand’s most classic nail-embellished hardware accessories and distressed wrinkled leather. The bag is small and sweet with an iron chain shoulder strap, making it stylish yet fashionable.

Chanel silver bag y2k


Basically, Chanel launches handbags every season that create a buzz. It also launches backpack styles, providing a variety of backpack options of different styles and designs. This backpack is crafted from high-quality leather and features metal chain shoulder straps and unique metal hardware.


Y2K metal jewelry

The article we wrote before about Y2K Accessories undoubtedly emphasized the popularity of metal jewelry in the 2000s. Today, let’s take a closer look at the metallic accessories that can match our y2k outfits.

Y2K silver star hairclip

The first is our most popular player in y2k accessories: star hairclip! One of the great advantages of using silver as a hair accessory is that it is suitable for almost all hair colors. No matter what color it is (even white!), it can be decorated with silver and outline a cool style and mechanical futuristic beauty.

Y2K silver star hairclip

Y2K metal love pendant necklace

This metallic solid heart-shaped pendant is also a hot seller. A single pendant is very eye-catching. If the necklace is long, it can be paired with a black T-shirt to highlight the presence. If the necklace is short, it can also be made into a choker.

Y2K metal love pendant necklace

Y2K silver butterfly clip

And everyone knows that my attitude towards butterflies and y2k is: they should be together!

Although this 2000s silver clip is cold silver, it does not give people a cold feeling, but like a cup of ice tea, it has its unique gentle charm. As long as you don’t wear full-body rivet outfits, other y2k styles are very suitable.

Y2K silver butterfly clip


Y2K metallic makeup

Glitter eye shadow

Many brands add large and small staggered sequins to eye shadow, and it is also one of the easiest beauty trends to access and control in daily life. For example, Dua Lipa, the ever-changing singer, not only started the trend of Twinkle Point, but recently covered her eyelids with pink sequined eyeshadow, which is also very beautiful.

glitter eye shadow

Silver lipstick

Other metallic lipsticks also exist, but they are more suitable for i retro or serious makeup, while silver is more suitable for y2k style outfits. Use a water-glossy lipstick and lip glaze, paired with metallic glitter. Remember to apply primer in advance to cover the original lip color, so that you can finish the silver lip makeup. If you want to complete a futuristic y2k outfits, don’t forget this silver lip makeup!

Silver lipstick y2k makeup


Although many makeup bloggers will emphasize the importance of highlighting, you may not pay much attention to this in daily makeup. From the picture below, we can intuitively see the importance of highlights in y2k metallic makeup. In fact, highlight itself is a kind of metallic decoration.

The areas that need to be highlighted are: the front of the eyes and the tip of the nose. You can use a highlighter brush dipped in highlighter powder. Remember to shake it in the air first to shake off excess powder, then focus on the tip of your nose and apply the rest of the highlighter powder along the bridge of your nose.

y2k makeups Highlight



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