2000s Wedding Dresses Ideas: Learning from The Celebrities

2000s wedding dresses

2000s Wedding Dresses Features

In order to give you a comparison effect, let’s first take a look at wedding dresses from a longer time ago. The style of wedding dresses in the 1980s was exaggerated and luxurious. The wedding dresses of this period had extremely exaggerated shoulder pads, puff sleeves, and expensive fabrics. the post-baroque era.

For example, in 1981, Prince Charles and Diana held the wedding of the century. She wore ivory silk taffeta, her signature large puff sleeves, a ruffled V-neck, and hand-embroidered pearls and sequins.

2000s wedding dresses

Inheriting the gorgeous wedding dress style of the 80s, 2000s wedding dresses removed the spaghetti straps, freeing the bride’s shoulders and showing off the feminine beauty. The style is also closer to the flat-top wedding dress we are familiar with today, focusing on the repeated design of the skirt. Brides have also let down their long hair and no longer stick to accessories, which is romantic and happy.

Today, the wedding industry is gradually maturing, and with the development of social diversification, the design of wedding dresses is more inclined to the bride’s personal preferences. The high-quality customization service can also customize a unique wedding dress according to the actual needs of each bride.


Celebrity Wedding Dress

Of course, there were countless celebrities who got married in the 2000s. As pioneers of fashion trends, celebrities must be fashion leaders and represent the development of fashion to a certain extent. We can learn about 2000s wedding dresses by looking at the wedding dresses of celebrities.


Victoria Adams and David Beckham

A football star and a singing idol, the marriage of Beckham and Victoria can be regarded as one of the earliest combinations of sports and singing. Their wedding brought a successful end to the end of the century.

After 14 months of personal preparation, their wedding was held in Lutterllstown, Ireland, on July 4, 1999. Victoria wore a white Vera Wang wedding dress (under the wedding dress there was a corset made by Mr Pearl), an 18K gold crown made by Irish designer Slim Barrett, and a cross necklace that Beckham bought for her.

Victoria Adams and David Beckham 2000s wedding dresses
Victoria Adams and David Beckham

At the dinner, Victoria put on a purple “Jessica Rabbit” satin dress and matched it with silver strappy Manolo Blahniks high heels. Beckham also wore a matching purple suit and hugged his four-month-old son Brooklyn, is really a neat and stylish family.


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

The end of the last century ended with the wedding of Victoria and Beckham, and the beginning of this century started with the wedding of Jennifer and Pitt.

On July 29, 2000, the wedding of the two was held at the five-acre estate of television producer Marcy Carsey in Malibu. As one of the most unforgettable events in Hollywood, of course, the media is indispensable. However, in order to ensure privacy, the newlyweds not only required guests to sign confidentiality agreements, but also spent $100,000 on security and even dispatched the Los Angeles police to conduct on-site traffic control. Therefore, the media, which has always been powerful, only took a few photos, but according to the text description, this wedding array was very huge.

Jennifer’s wedding dress came from Lawrence Steele, her ivory suede wedding shoes came from Manolo Blahnik, and her headpiece was a Swarovski crystal crown. Pete’s four-button black tuxedo was designed by Heidi Slimane and is very elegant and gentlemanly.

According to Jennifer’s request, La Premiere Florist in Beverly Hills provided more than 50,000 flowers, and each table was decorated with roses, wisteria and tulips. The flowers alone cost $75,000. In addition to the fountain, the tent also has lanterns and brown sugar candles from Thailand, which are full of details.

wedding dresses from the 2000s Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

At the wedding banquet, a six-member gospel choir sang the 1930s classic “Love Is the Greatest Thing” to kick off the performance, followed by four bands performing on stage. After the dinner, they unexpectedly arranged fireworks show on the Pacific Ocean. Accompanied by songs by Radiohead, Garbag, and Jeff Buckley, the fireworks lasted for thirteen minutes.


Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

In an interview in July 2004, Katie Holmes made no secret of her admiration for Tom Cruise. Perhaps what she didn’t expect was that two years later she would marry her “dream lover”!

On November 18, 2006, Tom Cruise and Katie wore Giorgio Armani dresses and held their wedding at the 15th century Odescalchi Castle in Laciano, Italy. Among them, Katie’s wedding dress was inlaid with Swarovski crystals and took 350 hours to complete. In this US$3 million wedding, many celebrity friends showed up, including Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, John Travolta, Mr. and Mrs. Victoria, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Shields, Richard Gere… Starlight The level is not inferior to any Hollywood red carpet.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise early 2000s wedding dresses
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

In 2006, the wedding of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban was held in a traditional Catholic wedding on the beach in Sydney. The ivory white wedding dress is dazzling. The hazy feeling of the veil echoes the softness of the puff sleeves. The material of the overall skirt is also a highlight. The outer layer of the skirt is a thin hollow embroidery layer, which floats gently on the outermost layer. .

This dress had a light retro flavor at the time. The gentle sweetheart neckline complemented the feminine design. It was a work of Balenciaga. On the wedding day, the wedding car they matched was also an old-fashioned wedding car.

It is said that in a certain issue of Conde Nast Brides, Nicole is listed number two in the List of Top Wedding dresses.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban early 2000s wedding dresses
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

By the way, the love story between movie star Grace Kelly and Moroccan Rainier III could be transformed into a Hollywood movie. The Helen Rose wedding dress worn by Grace Kelly was made of antique Brussels lace and hundreds of exquisite pearls. It has since become the favorite wedding dress style of many brides.

Grace Kelly and Moroccan Rainier III 2000s wedding dress
Grace Kelly and Moroccan Rainier III



This time we talked about the 2000s wedding dresses of four female celebrities. Each one is very worthy of reference and reference. Since entering the 21st century, the personality attributes of wedding dresses have become more and more obvious. Everyone seems to only want their own wedding dress. Therefore, there are more and more styles of wedding dresses, and they will also learn from past wedding dresses. It is completely reasonable to introduce new ones. Hope everyone can find or design their own wedding dress!

2000s wedding dress

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