2000s R&B Trivia Questions And Answers

2000s R&B music

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What is R&B music exactly?

Do you know what the style of R&B music we usually call is?

First of all, R&B is one of the largest genres of modern music, promoting the development of mainstream music in the West and even around the world. You can also see dedicated R&B awards at the Grammy Awards. The full name is Rhythm & Blues. The word was first It was proposed by Billboard in the United States in the late 1940s, replacing the term ethnic music. It is influenced by blues, jazz, gospel.

2000s r&b trivia questions and answers


What are the features of R&B music?

The main features of R&B music are emphasis on rhythm, usually with clear drum beats and repetitive rhythms. Different sub-genres may have different emphases and new features, but I’ll talk about them in general terms here.

Melodies and Songs: Structures are usually simple and easy to understand

The emotional expression of the song: direct.

The lyrical content of R&B music: usually involves themes such as love, joy, pain, and interpersonal relationships.

2000 r&b songs


How to distinguish R&B music from general Pop?

The two core elements of R&B are backbeat and improvisation.

Backbeat is mainly reflected in the arrangement, while improvisation can be reflected in both vocals and instrumental music, and is mostly reflected in the vocals.

The backbeat of R&B can be seen on the drums, which often emphasizes the “hit” in the downbeat position. Compared with the heavy or sonorous “sense of march” of the forehand, the backhand is more agile and has a “sense of flow” that makes the body sway.

And “improvisation” is even simpler. The improvisation of R&B is mainly reflected in the fact that when the singer handles long notes, he rarely prolongs them directly like most Pop songs. Instead, he sings an improvised and fragmented melody, making it more garrulous and at the same time in order to match it. This kind of impromptu and detailed melody is easy to perform with the “switching” singing technique of switching between true and false tones, which enhances the sense of improvisation.

2000 r&b


What are the categories of R&B music?

As time goes by, the development of R&B music becomes more and more complex, forming a huge system.

Pop R&B, modern R&B, Neo-Soul, hip-hop R&B and more.

Motown R&B

In 1960, Detroit in the United States was the Motor Town at that time. A young black man named Berry Gordy founded the largest record label of that era, Motown Records. During that period, many outstanding musicians and classic Motown R&B works were born.

Here I list a few representative Motown R&B songs. You can search the name directly: “My Girl”, “Baby Love”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.

2000 r&b music


Rolling Stone described Motown R&B music in an article in 1971 as:

  1. Songs with complex and beautiful melodies and chord changes, simple structures
  2. Simple, melodic guitar and bass hooks, ruthless 44-beat drums, with a strong emphasis on 2 and 4 beats.
  3. Use gospel music as the background, and arrange the group singing with nice call and response.
  4. Repeated and complex use of winds and strings
  5. The singer’s singing style is between pop music and gospel music
  6. A united group of musicians, each one of the most dexterous, knowledgeable, and distinguished of all popular musicians.
  7. A production style that emphasizes high-frequency sounds and relies heavily on electronic limiting and equalization (boosting the high-frequency range) to give the entire production a unique sonic effect, particularly suitable for playback via AM radio


New Jack Swing

New Jack Swing was produced from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. It is a music style that combines electronic music, hip-hop music and R&B music. New Jack Swing is considered an important branch of R&B music because of its unique production style. Its representative songs include “Poison”, “RumpShaker” etc.

2000s r&b trivia questions and answers



Neo-soul, sometimes called progressive soul, was produced in the mid-1990s and is a music style that mixes traditional R&B and hip-hop elements. It often uses live instruments such as drums, percussion, and bass, as well as vintage synthesizers and samplers.

According to Mark Anthony Neal, “Neo-soul music and its various incarnations helped redefine the boundaries and contours of black popular music.”

Neo-soul’s representative songs include “BrownSugar”, “BagLady” and “Untitled [How Does It Feel]”.

Representative musicians: Tank, Chris Brown, Destiny’s Child

2000 hip hop songs


Contemporary R&B

Contemporary R&B has been popular since 1980. It combines traditional R&B and is influenced by pop, soul, hip hop, funk and other styles. It produces exquisite and rhythmic drum machine base. At the same time, with the development of the times, electronic elements and more trendy consciousness have also fully influenced Contemporary R&B. Contemporary R&B may be the R&B style most familiar to the younger generation.

Representative musicians: Tank, Chris Brown, Destiny’s Child


PB R&B / Alternative R&B

PB R&B, which appeared in the late 2000s, is an alternative form of contemporary R&B. In addition to the iconic rhythm of R&B, PB R&B also creates a stronger sense of atmosphere in the arrangement, making it sound avant-garde. This is because different musicians will incorporate these styles into PB R&B according to their own preferences.

Typical characteristics of Alternative R&B-style songs include subtle smoothness, rhythmic heavy bass, ethereal echoing vocals, and are generally more abstract and diverse.

Representative musicians: Frank Ocean, SZA, H.E.R.

2000 hip hop songs


Classic Pop R&B

This type of R&B is more inclined to emotional narrative melodies, has a relatively fixed musical structure, and has more hits that are familiar to the audience, such as Mariah Carey’s “Hero”.

Representative musicians: Brian McKnight, Mariah Carey, Babyface


10 2000s R&B Albums Worth Listening

  • Confessions – Usher

Won the “Best Contemporary R&B Album” award at the 47th Grammy Awards

Nominated for Album of the Year

Confessions - Usher

  • Get Lifted – John Legend

Urban music, contemporary R&B, neo-soul style album

The album was produced by Kanye West

Won the 48th Grammy Award for Best R&B Album

  • Because of You – Ne-Yo

Won the “Best Contemporary R&B Album” award at the 50th Grammy Awards

  • Songs in A minor  – Alicia Keys

Won 5 awards at the 44th Grammy Awards: Best New Artist, Best Song of the Year, Best R&B Female Vocalist, Best R&B Single, and Best R&B Album

  • I Am… Sasha Fierce – Beyoncé

Won the “Best Contemporary R&B Album” award at the 52nd Grammy Awards

I Am... Sasha Fierce - Beyoncé

  • The Emancipation Of Mimi – Mariah Carey

A high-profile return to the music scene with impressive results

  • Chris Brown – Chris Brown

Won 2 nominations for Best New Artist and Best Contemporary R&B Album at the 49th Grammy Awards

  • A Girl Like Me – Rihanna
  • Born to Do it – Craig David

R&B, rock music, British garage rock style music album

The song “7 Days” was nominated for the 45th Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

  • BLACKsummers’night – Maxwell



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