2000s rave fashion

Trendy 2000s Rave Fashion Ideas In 2023

In our previous article on 2000s throwback outfits, we mentioned various 2000s retro outfits and items, and rave culture clothing is one of them.

So, what is 2000s rave fashion? Is there any beauty worth learning from? We have summarized the essence of 2000s rave fashion for your reference~



In the past 30 years, many fashion brands still often draw on Rave elements as a source of inspiration for new series, trying to lead new trends. Nowadays, the most popular sequin skirts draw on disco elements. Based on a more comprehensive reference, miumiu’s 2017 series is considered a success.

The bold use of colors and highly identifiable elements, such as the heart shape and smiley face representing peace & love, laser psychedelic fabrics, loose letter T-shirts, colorful beads and whistles used to echo the music rhythm, were all popular around the world at that time. The raver logo, color is everywhere.

2000s rave fashion


The Rave Culture

Have you seen the movie Beats? If so, then you already know something about Rave, because the core culture behind this movie is Rave.

The word rave means carnival and originated from the term used to refer to parties in the immigrant community in south London in the 1960s. This kind of party is not the common warm family party, but the kind of carnival party where the music drowns out the human voice and the beat is fast. The atmosphere of most nightclubs today is derived from the rave parties of those days.

British pop culture can be said to have symbolized the entire second half of the 20th century, and the evolution of youth culture is also known as the British youth cultural revolution. “RAVE” began to become popular in the British music circle in the late 1980s. It is not only a trendy term among young people, but also forms a culture that includes music styles, drugs and alcohol, illegality, and dance forms that completely liberate oneself. .

2000s rave fashion

Rather than saying that rave culture led to the popularity of happy pills in the UK, it is better to say that the two evolved in a complementary manner. It is completely wrong to regard rave as an illegal crime alone. In fact, the negative image of rave was mainly caused by the guidance of the media at that time. Later generations’ re-examination of rave culture often refers to the music style, which is one of the predecessors of electronic music that is still sweeping the world today. At that time, the mainstream electronic music style of British parties was also called acid house. In addition to catalyzing the reaction of drugs and alcohol, this kind of music was as addictive as a happy pill, making “rave” a popular choice for young people. secret words between.

Of course there are reasons why rave has become a culture, mainly PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect). Both the musical characteristics and spiritual elements of rave are very strongly presented in this “Beats” Afterwards, like all representative youth cultures, rave became a form of political resistance, which also aroused the concerns of moralists and the government.

nightlife 90s rave fashion

At that time, the British government believed that rave parties led to drug abuse and juvenile crime, and formulated the Entertainment Punishment Act in 1991. Rave parties and warehouse parties without a license would be illegally banned. In 1994, the Criminal Justice and Public Security Act was implemented. The Law of Order directly states that as long as there are more than 100 people and “music mainly based on repetitive beats” is played, it is a rave party, and the police have the right to arrest the organizers and participants of the rave. From this highly targeted law, we can see the government’s high-pressure control of rave at that time, and we can better understand the influence of this activity among teenagers, and the movie begins here.


Bold use of color

Raver style is all about colorful silver, colorful hair colors, fluorescent clothes, and exaggerated shapes. The rule of wearing no more than 3 colors on the body is completely abandoned by raver style. As long as it can be worn on the body, the more fluorescent colors the better, exuding a joyful atmosphere from the inside out.

The Creator created colors and we fill the world with them.

nightlife 90s rave fashion


Gabber style

British street power Aries reached a cooperation with Manchester football brand Umbro at the end of June to create a limited series inspired by Gabber, rave culture and football sports. In the presentation of the main visual, Gabber’s group symbols, such as men’s bald heads and women’s ponytail shapes, restore the iconic image of this cultural ethnic group in the 1990s, while the fluorescent colors and smiling face pattern elements under rave culture , is also added to the cultural references of the entire series.

Gabber style early 2000s rave fashion

Aries x Umbro has a clear youth culture orientation and visual reference with the filter of the times, opening a historical tunnel, a tunnel leading to the origin of culture. There are hardcore sounds filled with screams and roars, the youthful atmosphere of hormones and sweat, Dance or die! Perhaps it was not a simple slogan in those days.

Gabber style early 2000s rave fashion

Gabber’s visual elements further became the object of “sampling” in fashion, photography, and graphic design in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Belgian designer Raf Simons, who has immersed youth culture imagery into flesh and blood, expressed his praise of Gabber culture and Gabba’s kids group in the 2000 spring and summer series “Summa Cum Laude” show, with the MA-1 Fostex pilot made of recycled materials Jackets, color-blocked irregular vests and sweaters are embellished with Gabber influences.


Loose big T-shirt

The item application of loose T-shirts will never go out of style! You can find this item used in almost any era of fashion. The overlap between 2000s rave fashion and hip hop culture also led to the use of loose T-shirts. Generally speaking, the most classic combination in y2k fashion is actually a baby T-shirt, and a tip for rave fashion of large T-shirts is that they can be paired with socks of the same bright color! Pairing colorful socks with large color block T-shirts or shorts can create contrast, add visual interest, and show personality and unique style. Wearing bright colors can make you stand out from the crowd and attract more attention.

2000s rave


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